Fortum Waste Solutions wants to be a workplace of the future, where people do well and work in order to genuinely advance the circular economy.

A stimulating, developing employer

Skills and knowledge, occupational well-being, and a strong commitment by personnel are key factors in Ekokem's success. Ekokem wants to be a workplace of the future where people fare well and work genuinely on behalf of the environment, while advancing the circular economy.

Ekokem's success is based on strong expertise and constant development. Moving to a circular economy and preserving the Nordic pioneering status require a constant enthusiastic search for new methods and finding innovative solutions. In this way we get to guide ever larger and more challenging material flows into new use.

As an employer we put an emphasis on responsibility, a search for renewal, appreciation of the individual, and honesty. In management we emphasise quality and clear areas of responsibility. We want to build comprehensive well-being by supporting both physical and psychological ability to cope.


Steps on a person's own career path

The constant development of skills and knowledge is an important part of Ekokem as an employer. Our goal is to increase and maintain skills and knowledge among our personnel. Our entire personnel takes part in several training events each year. We put special input into personal career paths and development needs.

Ekokem as an employer:

  • an open and stimulating working atmosphere,
  • a possibility to train and to develop one's skills and knowledge, and
  • national and international career paths.