Waste surveys

How could the waste management and material efficiency of your company be improved? Fortum's waste survey helps find the best model for action.

Waste services bring more cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste management

A waste survey is a detailed examination of the waste management of a premises conducted by an Fortum expert together with the customer. In the waste survey we closely examine the customer's processes, leading to a detailed picture of the present state of the waste management of the premises. The survey also raises the central development targets of waste management. With the help of the detailed survey we can define an operative model for waste management that best suits each customer.

The aim is to reduce the amount of waste coming from the process and to find new uses for the waste in the customer's own processes or those of another company. With the help of a waste survey the premises is therefore able to improve the functionality and quality of its waste management and its material efficiency. The survey also makes it possible to set a new state of goals for waste management and to attain benefits in costs, image, and action. Waste surveys also reduce a company's environmental impact.

Ask our expert to examine the waste management of your company. The benefits that you achieve could be significant.