Waste management products and equipment

With the right equipment waste management is easier, faster, and safer. Get to know Fortum's high-quality service.

The right kind of equipment for demanding waste management

Containers and packages

Waste containers must be safe, durable, and ergonomic. Our container and packaging solutions have been developed in the demanding practical work of waste management.

At Fortum, you will receive containers for the collection of waste. They will be ready, and guaranteed to be correctly labelled for the storage and transport of your waste. With good planning and the right choices you will be able to influence the overall costs of waste delivery best yourself.

The selection criteria for packaging are:

  • the chemical and physical characteristics of the waste, the physical state,
  • amount of waste,
  • recyclability of packaging,
  • ease of handling containers, and
  • transport regulations.

Marking materials

Markings for packaging, storage, and transport serve as guides in sorting, pass on information on the waste, and serve as guides for safe procedures. Our marking and safety sign selection covers all needs for collection and transport of waste.

  • ADR warning labels according to transport class,
  • stickers for laboratory waste,
  • transport stickers,
  • sorting stickers,
  • container stickers,
  • hospital stickers, and
  • CLP/GHS-indicators for use and storage of hazardous materials.

The stickers are made of weatherproof material. Storage entries are made on an aluminium base and are laminated for protection if necessary.

Storage areas

Fitting out the waste and chemicals warehouses and structural solutions have a significant impact on the safety and effectiveness of storage.

We offer individual solutions for each customer for storing dangerous and hazardous substances that you can use for the safe storage of both raw materials and waste.

Our storage solutions are based on shipping container structures. Storage areas can be equipped in very versatile ways: the customer has a choice of electricity, illumination, heating, air conditioning, catchment basins, floor heating, ramps, skip frames, doors that open up to the full width, etc. Our customer service personnel will help in the planning of a suitable storage solution.

The basic solution for a storage area for hazardous waste is at the very least, a covered and locked, clearly marked storage area with obstacle-free passage.

Protective devices and equipment

Waste management involves the same hazards as work with hazardous and dangerous chemicals. Personal protective gear and preventative equipment minimise the risks involved in the work.

Personal basic equipment includes protective gloves and shoes, protective overalls, and when necessary, protective goggles, a respiratory protection device, and a protective apron.

Basic equipment of accident prevention include absorbent substances as well as a shovel, a brush, vessels for collecting substances, and protective basins, where leaky containers can be placed, and naturally, a fire extinguisher of the right efficiency class.

Always clean your protective gear after use, examine it regularly, and exchange it for new equipment whenever necessary. Protectors used in dealing with the management of hazardous waste are themselves hazardous waste when they are taken out of use.