Waste management planning and advisory

Fortum's survey-based waste management plan will improve the functionality and safety of the entire waste management chain. We can optimise your waste management!

Well-planned waste management promotes material efficiency and saves money

We build service entities for each individual customer on the basis of the waste survey and we make a proposal for the practical implementation and development of waste management. In our plans, we take into consideration the special needs of the customer and the requirements of legislation.

The greatest need for development can usually be found in sorting at source, devices for collection, and their markings. Sorting can often be made more efficient, and different materials can be directed toward use as material and energy more than before.

We will design the entire waste management system for your company:

  • sorting at source for more cost-effective beneficial use,
  • the labelling of waste points and the location of containers,
  • container and washing services and maintenance of containers,
  • the internal and external collection and transport logistics of the premises,
  • delivery of waste fractions to the best reception locations,
  • training and advice, and
  • reporting on waste management after implementation.