Recycled plastics for industry

High-quality CIRCO recycled plastic yields a competitive advantage in the form of cost savings and added value for the end product.

High-quality recycled plastic, reliably delivered for the customer's needs

The Plastic Refinery produces uniform-quality recycled plastic that yields a competitive advantage in the form of cost savings on raw materials and added value for the end product. Each batch of CIRCO recycled plastic can be traced. In cooperation, we can customise recycled materials for your production needs.

Fortum's CIRCO is a cost-efficient raw material that can partly or entirely replace virgin raw materials in the production of plastic products. As a raw material, CIRCO recycled plastic is not only high in quality, but also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than virgin raw materials. In addition, recycled materials yield added value for end products made of plastic. The CO2 footprint of CIRCO recycled plastic granulates is smaller than that of virgin raw materials.

CIRCO – second generation recycled raw material

The raw materials used for recycled plastics processed at Fortum's Plastic Refinery can be traced and selected on a batch-by-batch basis. This enables us to maintain exact control over the composition and characteristics of the plastic raw materials. We engage in R&D with our customers. Thanks to this development work, CIRCO recycled plastic can be customised for your processes and product requirements.

We are a strong expert in material efficiency and take an end-to-end view of industrial processes. By-products can currently be reused in production as raw materials.

Fortum's CIRCO plastic granulates:

  • Can be customised to the customer's specifications.
  • Ensure uniform quality and traceability.
  • Do not contain hazardous substances.

CIRCO granulates:

  • Recycled for production of HDPE and PP pipes
  • Recycled for LDPE film applications
  • Recycled for PP injection moulding applications.