Recycled materials

Many kinds of waste can be utilised as materials - as new raw materials. We are constantly developing our activities in such a way that an increasing proportion of the material contained in waste could be kept in circulation and utilised again and again.

We recycle everything possible - and impossible

New plastic out of plastic waste

We offer a competitive route for the utilisation of many different plastics. As a raw material, recycled plastic is both a high-quality product, and cheaper and more environmentally friendly than virgin raw material. We receive plastics from industry and commerce, as well as consumer plastic packaging, out of which we refine plastic profiles and recycled plastic as raw material for industry. We also utilise as material or energy various types of plastic waste coming from farms.

Getting used oil back into circulation

We pick up and process good-quality clear and black lubrication oils free of charge. The oils are delivered to be refined again and they are recycled back for use of industry as a lubricant. The cleaning and re-use of used oils are among the best ways to utilise industrial waste for a purpose equivalent to the original.

Bottom ash can be used as slag gravel for construction material

We refine bottom ash from combustion by separating out the metals it contains for recycling. After this slag gravel, which is comparable with crushed rock, is refined out of the mineral material which replaces natural sand and crushed rock in earthworks. Slag gravel is used as construction material for many purposes.

Metals separated out of slag and put into circulation

We recover metals out of slag and make them for use as material. We are also capable of separating metals from slag at locations specified by the customer.

Waste from commerce and industry as well as waste from construction and demolition

Waste from commerce and industry as well as waste from construction and demolition are primarily materials that can be reused. We separate waste either at the place of origin or deliver them to sorting centres. We refine waste that is sorted at its place of origin, and unsorted at the plants of our cooperative partners in different parts of Finland. The purest wood, paper, cardboard, metal, and plastic waste is used to produce recycled products and raw materials. Waste that is not suitable for recycling is used in the manufacture of fuel in parallel combustion, and grate plants. The use of waste as energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions compared with fossil fuels such as natural gas.

Fuel out of waste flows for use in energy production

We produce recycled fuel out of waste flows that are unsuitable for use as material by commerce and industry to replace primary fuels of industry and municipalities in energy production.

Impregnated poles put to new use or used as energy

We re-use impregnated poles or utilise them as energy. Columns can be used again in applications such as environmental engineering, or they can be given to other professionals for use.

Tyres replace non-renewable virgin raw materials

Crushed tyre material is used in the structural layers of different kinds of environmental engineering tasks, in drying layers of landfills, and as filler mass in environmental engineering projects. In all targets, crushed tyres replace non-renewable virgin raw material.

Materials and energy of data security materials recovered

Data security waste such as paper print-outs, computer equipment, hard discs, floppy diskettes, transparencies, and discs are destroyed safely in a manner agreed upon with the customer. Shredded paper documents can be mixed with other paper for recycling, or destroyed by utilising it as fuel in energy production. Hard discs and other equipment material is crushed. The crushed material is put to use in material production or as energy, depending on the quality.

Ordinary waste for recycling

Naturally we also deliver conventional waste, such as metal, biological, paper, cardboard and paperboard waste for recycling.

Get in touch and we can plan together how to get a greater amount of waste into the recycling process also in your operations!