Recycled CIRCO® plastic profiles

Let’s save natural resources for future generations.

Recycled CIRCO plastic profile is a durable and environmentally friendly material for different uses

We produce profiles of different shapes and lengths from 100% recycled plastics. The unique and firm consistency of CIRCO profiles is refined from industrial side-flows and waste materials. CIRCO profiles are tough and safe so they can be used as a replacement for wood and concrete in many applications.

We want plastic materials to circulate for as long as they have value. We use recycled plastics to make CIRCO recycled plastic products:

  • plastic profiles
  • plastic granulates, and
  • crushed plastics and plastic grains.

Reliable and durable CIRCO plastic profile

CIRCO profiles can be used as a replacement for wood and concrete in many applications. Plastic profiles are perfectly suitable for uses that require excellent moisture and wear resistance. Common uses include:

Green space and outdoor construction

  • posts and fences,
  • park furniture,
  • terracings, and
  • substructures and plinths of terraces, piers and lightweight huts.

Agriculture and livestock

  • animal pen structures and floor gratings,
  • electric fence posts, and
  • horse stables, cowhouses and cowsheds.

Public construction and traffic barriers

  • sound barrier constructions,
  • gratings and tiles, and
  • bollards.

Versatile shapes and good workability

CIRCO plastic profiles suitable for use are made as standard shape or as requested by the customer. The most common shapes of the cross section are round, square and rectangle. The tongue and groove board is also suitable for many uses. In addition to boards of different sizes, our wide selection covers a variety of beams, bars and poles. The most common lengths of products are 2000 mm, 2500 mm and 3000 mm. The largest diameter of profiles is 150 mm.

The color options for recycled plastic profiles are green, brown, grey and black so they blend well in the environment. The colors are also very resistant thanks to the UV protection agent.

CIRCO profiles can be milled, sawed, drilled, nailed and screwed. They are tough, durable and safe. CIRCO profiles are easy to clean because they stand up well to washing and chemicals, and the material does not absorb water. The smooth, non-splintering surface is also hygienic, since it is not a hospitable environment for bacterial growth.

CIRCO profiles are an ecological and long-lasting option.