Oil recycling

We pick up and process good-quality clear and black lubrication oils. The oils are processed and recycled back for use of industry as a lubricant.

Used oils recycled

The cleaning and re-use of used oils are among the best ways to utilise industrial waste for a purpose equivalent to the original.

A prerequisite for the upgrading, regeneration, and consequent material utilisation of oils is that oil wastes of different types are kept separate. When different oil types are collected separately, energy is saved in the processing and the carbon footprint of the product is reduced. This makes it possible to save natural resources and achieve savings in costs.

Regeneration is the best possible way to recycle lubricant oils. Bitumen, which comes as a by-product, is utilised in the manufacture of roofing felt and fuels bonded with the oil are used as industrial fuel. The only waste in the process is the water that is bound with the oil.

Oil waste is divided into

  • used "clear" or ash free lubricating oils,
  • used "black" lubrication oils, and
  • vegetable oils.

When you order a pick-up of used oil from Fortum you can be sure that the oils will be processed and recycled safely. Our lengthy experience in the field guarantees that the service will operate as agreed and in a professional manner.

Do your activities result in used oil that you would like to out into circulation in a cost-effective and environmentally sound manner? Get in touch!