Laboratory services and waste analysis

Fortum's comprehensive laboratory services help you improve the production processes of your company, save in costs, and reduce the amount of waste.

Fortum laboratories - versatile specialists in waste analytics

Fortum's laboratories are specialised in waste, process, and environmental analytics. Laboratories investigate both waste, as well as ash, slag, process chemical and oil samples as well as soil and ground water contaminated by heavy metals or various solvents. On the basis of the information produced by Fortum's four laboratories, the production processes can be developed in such a way that less waste is produced than before, it is less harmful than before, easier to utilise, or to recycle.

Improving the processes

By examining the quality of the waste, we can help our customers regulate their production processes, which is reflected in savings. For example, by reducing the water content of waste, less waste is created, or as the content of harmful substances is reduced, we can reduce the amount of chemicals used in the handling of waste.

Recycling and utilisation

With modern techniques, it is possible to utilise increasingly impure fractions that are not suitable for recycling. Utilisation is affected by the quality of the waste and its purity. By analysing the waste and by recognising its characteristics, it is possible to seek out suitable solutions for putting it to use.

Suitability for landfills

For waste fractions that are not suitable for recycling or re-use, the only alternative is the landfill, but there are restrictions on using them for final storage. The waste must meet the criteria for the intended class of landfill, and if necessary, the suitability of the waste for the purpose must be studied.

Hazardous waste

Knowledge of the waste is necessary for guaranteeing the security of the handling process. Fortum examines the hazardous wastes that it handles to make sure that the information in the order matches the nature of the waste.

Exceptional situations

Fortum has extensive expertise in hazardous materials. If you find yourself in an unexpected situation in the management or storage of chemicals, please get in touch with us. Our help can prevent accidents and save you considerable amounts of money.

The right solutions for your waste management

Whether your waste is suitable for recycling, utilisation, or final disposal, Fortum's experts will help you find the right solutions.

Accredited test laboratory

Fortum's laboratory in Riihimäki is based on the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The laboratory is test laboratory T038 accredited by the Finas accreditation service. See the accredited area of competence

Accredited methods include, for instance, the mercury, cyanide, halogen, and water content of the waste samples, as well as the heavy metal and anion content of water. Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel is responsible for the activities of the laboratory which has new and modern equipment available.


Organic compounds are analysed in Riihimäki using gas chromatography (e.g. GC-MSD, GCFID and HSGC-FID). Non-organic compounds are analysed using e.g. the ICP-AES and FIMS techniques.