Environmental expertise

Fortum's expert services bring added value to our customers' waste management. As pioneers in the field, we offer you our powerful knowledge and experience.

Effectiveness and security in waste management through expert services

Do you want to upgrade your company's waste management and its security, and to save money? Fortum offers a comprehensive selection of expert services that suit your special needs for strengthening the skills and processes of your company.

Up-to-date information increases security

In addition to overall education in the field of waste, we offer training tailored to your needs. With its help your company's waste management will continue to succeed in a safe operating environment. Fortum's experts will make their up-to-date information available to you.

Fortum also offers legally mandated services of a safety advisor to companies that handle hazardous substances. Fortum's experienced safety advisors minimise the risks of handling hazardous substances and promote the use of safe methods in transport.

Waste analysis delivers fractions where they can be sustainably processed

Fortum's laboratories are in a key position in the search for treatment options for waste fractions that are as useful and sustainable as possible. With the help of analysis using modern technology, we can find appropriate solutions for recovery for increasingly impure fractions. Suitability for landfills must also be ascertained through analysis. In addition to these, Fortum's accredited laboratories analyse hazardous wastes, ashes, slag, oil samples, and contaminated soils and waters, for instance. Our expert laboratory services can help your company improve your processes, to reduce the amount of waste, and thus, to save in costs.

Correctly maintained tools ensure efficient waste management

Correctly maintained tools are a key part of successful waste management. Fortum's inspection, maintenance and washing services help our customers in the maintenance of their tools and promote safety. Whether the issue be transport packages for hazardous materials, oil containers, or oil separation wells, we at Fortum know how to guide you in their maintenance.