Energy services

In our energy production, we utilise waste flows which are not suitable for recycling or re-use as a material. The energy that is produced is used for district heating for neighbouring municipalities and electricity for the national grid.

Energy from waste

In spite of sorting at the source, mixed waste always contains some fractions which cannot be utilised as material. Both these kinds of materials and for dangerous fractions, energy recovery has always been a safe and economically viable option.

Fortum has joint production facilities in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, where energy from waste is utilised in the form of district heating and process heat as well as electricity. District heating is delivered to nearby municipalities for use.

Replacing fossil fuels by waste fuels that are not suitable for recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and makes it possible to offer low-cost and environmentally sound production of district heating.

In 2014, Fortum produced a total of 1,168 GWh of district heat and 211 GWh of electricity. With energy produced by Fortum, it is possible to heat a total of about 60,000 detached houses.

We work for greater efficiency in the recovery of energy

Throughout our history, we have put significant focus into greater efficiency in the recovery of energy from waste. In 2013, the effectiveness of district heating production at our Riihimäki facility was raised by installing two heat pumps which reduce the temperature of returning district heating water by ten degrees, transferring the recovered energy into the outgoing district heating line. The investments raised district heating production by 27 GWh.

In 2016, there are plans to boost the efficiency of the energy recovery utilisation rate of the facilities in Sweden and Denmark. The aim is to achieve greater efficiency in heat recovery from filtered combustion gases.

With greater efficiency in the use of energy, we guarantee for our customers district heating production that is both low in cost and environmentally friendly. This helps customers to keep their business profitable and to keep their market positions.

Customer-specific energy and emissions management solutions

By linking the customer's own knowledge of processes and production with Fortum's expertise, it is possible to find cost-effective innovative solutions to materials management and energy production.

We have made customer-specific solutions, in which the energy content of the waste is utilised, the emissions of energy recovery are processed, and energy is produced for customers at a competitive price. With these solutions, we increase the efficiency of our processes.

Energy business activities are an important cornerstone for Fortum, and through cooperation we achieve the best solutions from the point of view of the whole.