A functioning quality control system is built from active interaction among stakeholders.

Quality control means constant development

The management model of Fortum is built on quality, environmental, and safety management systems. Practical methods of action, goals that have been set, and sufficient resources create the prerequisites for continuous development work.

The management model based on Fortum's standards is tied to the quality, environmental, and safety management systems - the ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and OHSAS 18001 certifications. With the help of the quality control system, Fortum makes sure that the maximum limits of permits and permit decisions and for emissions are in accordance with requirements. We systematically develop quality as well as factors that affect it.

Fortum management see to it that the activities and services of the company meet with the requirements of the quality control system and the expectations of the shareholders. Open discussion and interaction among employees and shareholders are prerequisites for high-quality implementation.

Reliable and traceable service in accordance with regulations:

  • Our services in Denmark and Sweden are all certified according to ISO standards.
  • The Fortum Group works strictly in accordance with all relevant requirements. The material processing techniques are in accordance with the Best Available Techniques (BAT) principles.
  • The handling of material flows must be followed, and customers can be assured of proper handling.
  • Fortum has active interaction with competent authorities and a reporting system based on the conditions of environmental licences.