Our responsibility

As an environmental and circular economy company, Fortum closely monitors the impact of its activities on the surrounding society. It is important for us that our operations are safe for both the environment and people. We have defined six key elements of responsibility, along with related targets.

Key elements of Ekokem’s corporate social responsibility

1. Material efficiency
Discarded materials are returned to the cycle, either to their earlier use or to a new use.

2. Energy efficiency
Energy is recovered from non-recyclable waste materials, energy recovery is made more efficient, and the energy consumption in processes is reduced.

3. Safe for the environment
Services are delivered in an environmentally sustainable manner without compromising the protection of the environment. We minimise our impact on our environment. We are committed to zero environmental incidents and cases of exceeding emission or discharge limits.

4. Safe for people
Services are implemented without compromising occupational or environmental safety by maintaining and developing employee competencies. Hazardous substances are separated from the waste streams.

5. Active interaction with our stakeholders
Cooperation with our customers and personnel, and the residents and authorities in the vicinity of our operations, is open, active, and long-term in nature.

6. Financial profitability
Our operations are profitable; financial returns are shared with stakeholders and invested in development.