Fortum Waste Solutions distributes EUR 120,000 in grants for environmental management research


Fortum Waste Solutions distributes EUR 120,000 in grants for environmental management research

Fortum Waste Solutions is distributing a total of EUR 120.000 in grants to five environmental management research projects on 16 June 2017. The grant, awarded by the company’s environmental scholarship fund, is the largest research grant in the industry to be awarded by a company on an annual basis.

This year, the environmental scholarship fund’s grants were awarded to research institutions in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The largest grants are being awarded to Maarit Janhunen’s research project at the Environmental Technology Department of Savonia University of Applied Sciences, titled ”Usage of the filler matrix made of recycled plastics and rubber for enhancing the methane production” and Eeva-Liisa Viskari’s research project at the School of Construction & Environmental Engineering of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, titled, ”Fire retardant HBCD (hexabromine cyclodecane) in the demolition and packaging materials”.

This year’s application themes were sustainable process solutions for combining material and energy recovery from challenging wastes and new economical recycling processes for large industrial waste streams. The number of applications received during the application period was 63.

“One change compared to the previous year was that this year we started to accept applications from other Nordic countries as well. As a result, we received a good number of applications not only from Finland, but from Denmark and Sweden as well. As in previous years, the number of applications received was high, as was their overall quality. Many of the projects displayed real business potential and emphasised the comprehensive impact of the environmental management industry,” says Fortum Waste Solutions Oy’s Research and Development Manager Toni Andersson.


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