Material recycling and reutilisation

The scarcity of raw materials will drive society and businesses towards the efficient utilisation of resources. Fortum Waste Solutions offering covers all the segments.

Designing an effective environmental, waste and material solution for industry requires knowledge of the sources and processes of the waste stream. Fortum always designs the solutions to improve material and energy efficiency according to the customer’s needs. For example, we advise our customers how to prevent the generation of waste and change processes so as to generate more easily recyclable waste.

The solutions may vary from minor adjustments to the management of very large entities. A simple change in the way the customer sorts waste or, on the other hand, building an entire plant that utilises the customer’s own process are two extreme examples of customer solutions.

Fortum not only processes the generated waste for recycling but also directs it to industrial reuse. If this is not possible, we seek to utilise the waste in energy production. We also remove hazardous substances from circulation during treatment.

Concrete steps towards a more comprehensive material cycle

1) The Riihimäki Eco Refinery will increase the recycling rate of municipal waste when plastics and bio-waste, for example, can be redirected from mixed waste to reuse.

2) At its Jämsänkoski site, Fortum uses clear waste oils to produce chain lubrication oils for forest industry machinery. Properly treated, lubrication oils can be recycled endlessly.