Future possibilities

Combating climate change and the preservation of natural resources have given rise to one of the world’s fastest growing business areas: the recycling business. The depletion of natural resources is a megatrend that Fortum Waste Solutions has much to contribute to solving.

Finite raw materials will increasingly drive companies and society towards the efficient use of resources. In Europe, it is estimated that the financial opportunities could amount to EUR 1.8 billion by 2030. At the same time, the OECD estimates that 3 billion people will enter the middle class as standards of living improve, increasing the size of the middle class to 4.9 billion people. The need for raw materials is expected to double, as people will be consuming more than ever before.

In order to sustain this predicted rise in the standard of living and, consequently, the consumption of raw materials, the methods, investments and infrastructure to conserve natural resources must develop. This will not happen by itself; it will require strong expertise and open-minded leadership. New methods must be created to improve the efficiency of the use of natural resources and the recycling of materials. This development will create a major market for high-quality, second-generation recycled raw materials that are cheaper than virgin raw materials.

Fortum is a pioneer in building the circular economy society, maintaining its core expertise while expanding into new areas of expertise. The development of the recycling business and new, innovative ways to utilise waste are our methods of turning the risks of the future into opportunities.