Research and development

Promotion of circular economy and saving of natural resources form the basis of Fortum Waste Solutions's research and development.

The focus of Fortum Waste Solutions’s research and development activities is the promotion of the circular economy and saving natural resources. The key objective is to develop new methods for recycling waste and the utilisation of waste materials, as well as solutions tailored for our customers to improve their material and energy efficiency. Another goal is to continuously improveFortum Waste Solutions’s own processes to bring greater benefits to customers.

In addition to its own R&D projects, Ekokem is involved in long-term research projects to improve environmental and waste management. The best experts in the field from universities and research institutes can be engaged through collaboration projects and programme entities.

Research and development in 2015

Fortum Waste Solutions’s R&D expenditure totalled EUR 3,7 million (EUR 3.1 million), representing 1.4 per cent (1.6 %) of net sales. In 2015, the focus of R&D activities was on developing processes that promote the circular economy strategy. R&D targeted particularly the development of business-oriented customer solutions within selected focus areas (chemical industry, forest industry, mining industry and metal industry) in close collaboration with the Group’s business units and sales.

Between 1995 and 2015, the Ekokem Environmental scholarship fund, founded in 1994, has annually granted scholarships with a total value of EUR 1,587,045. In 2015, a total of EUR 150,000 were granted in scholarships for public research projects with relevance to environmental development.